About Us

We are the New York Messengers Alliance, a grass-roots union  by and for all New York City Messengers.  There are thousands  of us in New York City who pick up and deliver packages by  bicycle, on foot or in a vehicle. 

We work for many different companies, with wages and    benefits  varying greatly.  However, it is too often the case that we have to hustle and scrape together jobs while barely making minimum wage.  We put our bodies on the line to make sure people get the packages and goods they need on time.  And when we are injured on the job, which is an all too common occurrence, we have to deal with our wounds and injuries on our own, because for the majority of us we are considered independent contractors. 

We love this job, we love to ride, but we are not going to be exploited anymore.  We are building this alliance to challenge a business model that enriches Wall Street funded companies on the backs of hard working couriers.  We are fighting for our fellow brothers and sisters who have had to deal with broken bones and torn flesh as companies tell us that there is nothing they can do for us. 

We are fighting for future couriers so they don’t have to deal with the injustice that we face now.  We are fighting for all of us.