Mission Statement

Messengers perform vital work, helping the city and entire industries run.  New York City is often referred to as the business capital of the world because of its financial might, and we contribute to this financial power.  However, our work has often been ignored, devalued and disrespected.  The industry has seen companies like Uber undercut traditional rates with the excuse that cheaper rates will lead to more customers and deliveries.  But it is on the backs of couriers that these profits are made, as Uber cuts rates and other courier companies follow in their footsteps. 

On top of all this, couriers who are classified as independent contractors do not get the same rights and protections as traditional employees, even though in many cases companies abuse this misclassification and hide behind the independent contractor status to deny you your rights.

Messenger work has always been hard and dangerous work.  How many of your fellow couriers do you know have been injured but still have to keep working because a day off means a day that you lose money.  Medical bills and injures pile up and money is lost.  With independent contractor status, you are not entitled to workers compensation that can cover your costs.  It’s time that this economic model that enriches Wall Street funded companies by denying workers their labor rights comes to end.  When couriers come together this will happen.

It’s time that the messenger industry is transformed to work for the messengers, not just the owners.  It’s time for messengers to receive the respect they are owed and the rights they are entitled to.