Take Action

Some of us have been doing this for 10-15-20 years.  Most of us do it for a living, our full-time and only job.  We ride or walk miles in the busiest streets in the world, putting our lives at risk, with little pay, no benefits and no protection when we’re injured.  And now, with Uber, Postmates and other App-based courier companies, we are losing what once were basic protections as employees.  Uber has a $64-billion Wall Street valuation but doesn’t pay a dime to keep us safe with protective gear or keep us whole when we’ve been in an accident. 

We have to hustle more every day on multiple apps trying to get as many jobs as we can because our pay gets cut while their commission goes up.  Through Unity, Action and a Strong Grass-Roots Messengers Union, We Can Change Things for the Better.  Around the world, every day, millions of workers stand up and build their unions and show their power.  Rise Up, New York City Messengers – our movement has awoken. Our Day Has Come.